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Dachshund is among the oldest dog breeds around and in some years now it has come back into fashion. Dachshunds are now seen more as companion dogs. They are known to be fearless and entertaining, but what they need the most is to cuddle with their owners. For many owners, this attribute outweighs dealing with the breed’s insistence on having his way. In this article “meet the Dachshund”, we will take a look at the important facts you need to know about Dachshund dog breeds.

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Basic characteristics of Dachshund, coat, color

Dachshund is an intelligent, energetic and courageous dog breed. The dog is bred for perseverance, which is one reason they can be very stubborn. Because of its long body and shape, the bred is sometimes referred to as a wiener dog. They are friendly dogs that seem to get along with almost everyone they meet. Dachshund’s personality can also vary depending on their coat type. The wirehaired Dachshunds can be mischievous troublemakers because they have terrier in their background. Longhair Dachshunds are quiet and calm and shorthaired Dachshund has a personality that lies in between. Most mini Dachshunds can be shy and nervous, although this is not right for the breed.

They come in three different varieties: shorthaired, wirehaired, and longhaired. Dachshunds are classified in the United States according to their size; Dachshunds are either standard, miniature, or tweenies. They are a great addition to any family no matter their size. That is why they have ranked among the most popular dogs since the 1950s. Their lively disposition and cute appearance have stimulated many affectionate nicknames for this breed, such as hot dog, wiener dog, sausage dog, Dashie, Doxie, etc. It is fun to see how they proudly carry their muscular and long body on short legs, their elongated head held high with an intelligent and bold look in their eyes. Dachshunds come in many different colors and coats. There are tans, blacks, reds, piebalds, brindles, and dapples, to name a few. Dachshund’s coats are shorthaired, long hair and wirehair.

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The dachshund dog breed is brave, proud and can be very funny. They are loyal to their owners and can be tough to train. They require a good pack leader to be properly trained. Without the right leadership, Dachshund can become unpredictable, biting and snapping and barking without cause. With the right leadership as a human alpha, these annoying behaviors shouldn’t arise. The dachshund has a strong instinct for digging, but with the right amount of exercise and good leadership. This dog will make a wonderful companion with excellent temperament.

Health issues and lifespan

This dog can suffer from bladder problems, spinal disc problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Careful weight maintenance is necessary to prevent obesity. If you are getting a puppy, look for a good breeder who will show you the health clearances of the puppy’s both parents. The health clearances show that the dog has been tested and cleared of a particular disorder. Don’t forget obesity can exacerbate the risk of injury and put increased pressure on the dog vertebrae. To prevent injuries, make sure you discouraged your puppy from jumping and taking stairs. When proper taking care of, they can live on average twelve to fifteen years.

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Dachshunds are independent, single-minded, and can be very stubborn at times. So, it is important to take their training serious because living with a disobedient Dachshund can be a nightmare. It takes time and patience to train Dachshund, but any dachshund can be trained no matter their background or age. While they are loved for their brave personalities, they may also have the tendency to be stubborn, defensive and protective. And most dachshunds also have the tendency to bark without cause. Proper obedience training is the key to turn these potential problems into useful qualities. Dachshunds are tenacious, which is good for a hunting dog, but sometime they may annoy you with this attribute at home.

When training your dog, don’t forget, rewarding your dachshund for showing obedience and behaving well will encourage good behavior. But punishments and abuses will only make the dog more difficult to train. You need to be a serious owner and assume the position of a pack leader to be able to train Dachshunds. And considering his toughness and sometimes disobedient behavior, you need to have patience and perseverance, or else dachshund will not learn.


The grooming needs of a dachshund dog breed depending on their coat. The longhaired dachshund requires daily brushing and not usually professional grooming. Shorthaired dachshunds shed more than other varieties. All dachshunds should be bathed as required. The wire-haired dachshunds will need a professional trimming every six months. While shorthaired dachshunds should be rubdown with a damp cloth once a week. Make sure you nail trim your dog regularly to avoid paw problems. Dachshund’s flap-down ears also need attention to keep them clean and check for signs of mites or infection. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your dog’s teeth several times a week.

The best environment, activities

Dachshund is a perfect dog for apartment living. They can survive without a garden, provided you exercise them daily. Every dog likes a good walk. It is therefore recommended to walk your dachshund at least a few days a week if you have no garden or yard. They prefer to live indoors, so don’t keep them as outdoor dogs.

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Is it good for children?

Dachshunds are okay with kids in their families if they are introduced early. But they may not like your kid’s friends. They can be easily injured by children if not properly handle. Teach your children to only pet or hold Dachshunds if they are sitting on the floor. Show kids how to touch or approach dogs, and always supervise all interactions between dogs and toddlers to avoid biting, tail and ear pulling on either party. Teach your children not to approach a dog while eating, sleeping or try taking the dog food.

For what type of people Dachshund would be the best pet

Dachshunds are very intelligent and obstinate; they are barkers and if left alone, they can cause problems. So, if you live alone and spend a lot of time away from home, then Dachshund is not a breed for you. They can be noisy and destructive if they are bored.


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