Everything about the German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a very intelligent and energetic dog breed. This versatile dog was developed in Germany around the 19th century and was cross between Hanover Hound and Spanish hounds. They have slight long ears that lie next to the head. They weigh between 55 and 70 lbs. and with the height of about 23 to 25 inches tall.

Basic characteristics of Pointer, coat, color

German shorthaired pointer has a flat, short, coarse and dense double coat. They have a thick undercoat with a strong fur that makes them very adaptable to cold weather. Their coat is flat and short with different colors, both solid and marked. Their head is generally solid, while their body usually has marked or speckled patterns; sometimes the speckled go with big areas of a solid color. For most kennel clubs, only solid liver and a mixture of liver and white colors are allowed in the conformation ring. Although the German shorthaired pointer coats can be tan, orange, lemon, roan, black patches, or solids of these colors.  They are not acceptable in the show ring.

German shorthaired pointer breed is naturally not friendly with cats or other small furry pets. But you can train the dog to share the space at home and leave them alone; however, their hunting instinct may interfere at times. These breeds often do well when raised together with these furry little creatures. You should always exercise caution with other small pets, such as rabbits, cats, birds, and some toys dog.

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Apart from their interest in hunting, this breeds also like spending quiet time by their owner’s side. They don’t like to be lonely and may feel frustrated and anxious if left alone for a long time. When they are brought up right, they are great family dogs with admirable manners. German Shorthair Pointers are active. But once you give him enough exercise, he is usually a calm house pup who is pleased to stay nearby without demanding much of your attention. Their strength includes a high level of intelligence, loyal and fearless nature. In the field, German Shorthair is an aggressive hunter. An attribute that can carry over into a home if squirrels, cats or birds stray into its territory.

Any dog, regardless of how nice it is can develop unbearable levels of digging, barking and other unpleasant behaviors if he is untrained, bored, or unsupervised. And it can be a trying time to live with any dog during the puberty stage. In the case of German shorthaired pointer breed, the “adolescent” year can start in six months and continue until the dog is two years old.

Health issues and lifespan

All dogs can develop genetic health problems, just like all human have the potential to inherit a particular illness. The German shorthaired pointer is a very healthy breed; however, some health complications are of concern. The breed is usually a sturdy and healthy dog. But can suffer some hereditary problems such as Von Willebrand’s Disease and bloat. This should be taking care of immediately by a veterinarian. The breed rarely suffers from heart problems. And the average lifespan of German shorthaired pointer breed is between 12 and 14 years.

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This breed belongs to the Sporting group breed with above average problem-solving skills. German shorthaired pointer breeds are easy to train and they do well as family pets and guard dogs. Most of them learn quickly at an early age, while some require more patient training than others. The puppy may not completely gain control of his brain until he is two years old. So be prepared to endure your pup for a while.

The German Shorthaired Pointer still requires formal training. Puppy classes, like obedience, agility, and other types of training, are appropriate for this breed. Since a dog without training is impossible to manage. Begin training your pup the day you brought him home. Even at two-month-old, your dog is able to take in everything you can to teach him. Don’t wait until he is 6 months to start training or you will have to deal with a stubborn dog. If possible, take him to the puppy’s kindergarten class when he is about 10 weeks old. This will help him socialize.


The German Shorthaired Pointer breed coat has a thick, short hair that helps protect him from cold. The coat is easy to care for, brush it weekly with a firm bristle brush to maintain healthy fur and skin.

 The breed has some grooming quirks that you should know about. They shed and the dark and light hair will show up on your furniture and clothes regardless of what color they are. The coarse hairs are usually difficult to remove from the carpet and upholstery. Seasonally, this breed has a heavier shed, known as “blowing coat.” It will need more frequent bathing and brushing during this period to remove the dead hairs. They have long toenails and can get caught in objects and tear off. Which may be very painful and it will bleed a lot. So, trim the toenails every few weeks and brush your dog teeth regularly for good dental health.

The best environment, activities

The German Shorthaired Pointer breed is a loving and friendly dog. They are happy with an active family. This dog is not suitable as an apartment pet. It’s too energetic to be comfortable there. They like jumping the fence, so even in a large fenced yard, they may not be secure. Involving German Shorthaired in activities like hunting and jogging is an excellent way to keep them healthy and happy.

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Is it good with children?

If you want to add a German shorthaired pointer breed to your family, ensure your children are of school age. Even though the dog is friendly, it is too active for very young kids. Their constant excitement combined with high energy means very young children can easily knock over. For older kids, German shorthaired is a best friend, always willing to play and love. Proper introduction of children to any dog, regardless of their breed, and teaching kids about appropriate behavior with dogs is important. And ON NO OCCASION you should leave a dog unattended with a toddler.

For what type of people Pointer would be the best pet

The German Shorthaired Pointer breed is a perfect dog for hunters. This is because they are intelligent and alert with a wonderful sense of smell perfect for hunting game. And if you can give them the physical and mental exercise they need. Then the German Shorthaired Pointer will be your best furry companion.

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