How to Choose Quality Dog Food


Every dog owner wants to feed their dog quality food. But, there is a great number of dog food products in the market. And due to the hectic professional commitments and the fast pace of life today, we turn to commercial dog food in the stores to feed our little pet friends at home. To be able to provide adequate nourishment, we should know what to look for when buying dog food at the pet store. Nutritious intake can prevent your furry pet from many health problems and as well increase it’s lifespan greatly. The following are tips on how to choose quality dog food and some of the best dog food reviews.


Step 1: Consider your dog’s activity, age, reproductive status, and breed

Choosing the right kind of food for your dog can be very confusing. When considering the kind of food for your furry companion, you should consider the age, the level of activity, the breed, and any health condition your dog may have. For instance, puppies and lactating mothers need more calories each day, while older dogs require less. Similarly, active breeds need more calories than sweet potato breeds: the type and amount of foods you feed will help your dog avoid health problems as a result of obesity. So choosing a quality dog food is very important. Some dog food brands make foods based on breed, but most only differentiate between small breed formulas and big breed formulas.

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Step 2: Know the buzz words on your dog food packages

Most dog owners do not know how to eat healthy themselves, much less what is specifically appropriate for their dogs. Just like with human food, every word on the dog food label is important and indicates the quality of the food inside. This is mainly true in the terms used to indicate protein in the foods. According to FDA’s dog food labels analysis, simple names such as “Beef for Dogs” or “Chicken Dog Food” signifies that the protein on the list contains 95 percent of the total product, excluding water content. With water added, the results come to 70 percent.

In fact, packages that use this definition indicate that the foods contain at least 95% of the particular protein. On the other hand, phrases with “filler” words like “dinner” or “meal,” such as at the Chicken Stew Dinner, signify that the food is made with a small amount of protein on the list. At least, the food formula expected to contain at minimum 25 percent of that particular ingredient.


Step 3: Decide if grain-free is right for your dog

Grain free dog food is becoming more popular as dog owners know its health benefits. Veterinarians often suggest this kind of food for dogs with particular problems caused by poor nutrition. They also recommend it as the best kind of diet for pregnant or nursing dogs. This ensures the puppies and mothers remain in good condition. If there is any need to switch to grain free food, consult your veterinarian for more information.

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Step 4: Learn to read the ingredients label

You need to know your dog’s food ingredients. This is because what you do not know about in your dog food could, in fact, be harming your furry pal! You may think you are feeding your dog food for better health, when in reality, you may be poisoning him. Maybe you look at the ingredients in your dog food label and just ask, what all these things? Maybe you just shake your head and trust the pet food producer. After all, they have been telling us for decades that they know what is best for our dogs from a nutritional point of view.

Well, the colossal dog food recalls over the recent years has given us the needed wake-up call. Keep in mind that the label lists the ingredients based on weight, and meat is the first because it contains high water content. Choose foods with meat as the first ingredient. Pooches are omnivores and need high meat protein for good health just like its ancestors in the wild.

Dog food advisors recommend avoiding meat products because it may include horns, hair, teeth or hooves. But, if the food is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. That means the byproducts should only be organs meat, like kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, and brain. This kind of meat byproduct is good for animals to eat and can be an excellent source of protein. In your search, also make sure that the first ingredient is not grain, tuber or vegetable, like ground corn. The fact that corn is digestible when grounded does not mean that it has a high dietary value. Corn has a low content of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and the only reason why manufacturers brag about this carbohydrate is that it is cheap.


Step 5: Take a look at the nutritional adequacy statement

It is normally found with the rest of the nutrition information on the food package, bag or can, along with satisfactory statements. They may read: “provides balanced nutrition for the maintenance of older dogs or for puppies”.  Constantly check for AAFCO declaration on the back, the AAFCO standards ensure that nutritional value is present.

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Step 6: Do your homework on the brand of your choice

After you have finally chosen the dog food brand that you think your dog will love. It is now important that you conduct research on the manufacturer to ensure quality control and the proper sourcing of ingredients. It is not compulsory that these things be listed on the label. So it is up to you to do your research and ensure you give your furry pal the best he deserves.


Best dog food

To facilitate your choice, we recommend the following food names for dogs. Our experts selected these brands due to their unique quality of ingredients, nutritious design and higher safety practices of their manufacturers. Also, according to their labels, these products have a higher than average meat content. Moreover, they have a safe fat protein ratio, do not contain high-risk ingredients or any anonymous meat. The brands are:

Best Dog food delivery

For those who want their puppy feeding to be planed for them, there is a perfect solution – dog food delivery service. We have selected the best dog food deliveries available, which produce fresh and highest quality food.

  • NomNomNow – Customised meals to meet your dog’s needs. A homemade meal using whole, restaurant-quality ingredients. Importantly, they don’t use frozen products in their fresh dog food recipes. Their rip-and-tear packages make life easy. NomNomNow delivers your dog’s food to your door free of charge.l Get 30% Off Your First Order.
  • Ollie – The profile you create for your dog allows Ollie to get to know them and recommend the ideal meal plan. They tailor your dog’s plan based on their weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, recommending a precise portion. Ollie ship your dog’s food on a flexible, regular schedule so you’ll always have the right amount. Shop Customized Dog Food, Delivered To Your Door with Ollie!
  • Just Food For Dogs – They aim to improve the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible thanks to their healthy and balanced meals. With a wide range of meals to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. It is the only dog food on the market, that two universities proved their recipes boost the immune system of dogs. Also, you can join Just Food For Dogs Club.
  • Pet Plate – a 100% human-quality dog food subscription service. All of the meals are made with USDA meat, fresh fruits & veggies, and a proprietary supplement blend. Veterinary nutritionist creates meals for optimal nutrition. Meals are ready-to-eat in pre-portioned cups and delivered straight to your door. Get 30% off your first box of Pet Plate.

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