Everything about the Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire terrier is a toy dog, which means it is very small and lightweight. The breed originates in the city of Yorkshire, where it got the name. Yorkie is a complex dog breed, with a fascinating past and a lot of unique characteristics. In this article, you will understand everything about the Yorkshire terrier.

Basic characteristics of Yorkshire terrier, coat, color

Yorkshire terrier is a toy breed that will not settle for a boring life. Yorkie is an intelligent dog, which makes him both entertaining and stubborn. They have two unique personalities: cuddly and mischievous. Cuddly Yorkies have a lively nature but tend to be more relaxed. Some owners say that male are sweeter and more likely to enjoy snuggling, while the female is more concern about when, and if, they will hang out in your lap.

Yorkshire terrier may be small, but their bravery is well-known. In fact, the nature of the breed often causes problems for their owners: they are not shy of dogs three times their size. Their coats are silky, long, and perfectly smooth, without any indication of a wave. They have a single coat and don’t shed much. Yorkie puppies are born black, with tan and blue coat developing gradually, normally after one year of age. Puppies that begin to lighten before they turn a year old often turn gray instead of blue. From the back of the head to the tip of their tail, the hair is dark steel-blue, occasionally described as the blue of a rifle barrel, with a bluish sheen when viewed in the sun.

Yorkshire terrier 2


The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog with a big personality. Keeping the terrier’s temperament, this dog enjoys adventures and has a lot of energy. Yorkshire terrier is a very brave and clever dog. They are very affectionate with their owners and make a great buddy.

Problems may arise if the dog owner is not a pack leader. The dog may become aggressive with strange dogs and small animals. Like all dogs, Yorkshire terrier needs the owner to be the leader. You should avoid the small dog syndrome in the Yorkshire terrier, as it will make the dog miserable, as well as the owner.

If the dog begins to feel jealousy or becomes over demanding of the owner attention, it is advisable to think about how you are treating them and restore the right balance. Yorkie is easy to train but can be a bit stubborn, like all terriers. This breed can be difficult to potty train. They make a great guard dog. The biggest problem with the Yorkies can be if the owner thinks and treats them like a baby, because of their size. Yorkie is a sweet puppy when its owner understands and applies leadership skills.

Health issues and lifespan

Some breeds of Yorkshire Terriers are susceptible to bronchitis, slipped stifle, early tooth decay, delicate digestion, and herniated disks, which may lead to paralysis. This breed can easily get fractures and eye infections can be very common. As with all pure breeds, Yorkies are not immune to certain genetic conditions and health problems. The most common problem with this breed is thigh bone degeneration, retinal dysplasia, luxating patella, collapsed trachea, and portosystemic shunt. The Yorkshire Terriers have longer than the average lifespan of around 14-16 years.

Yorkie puppy


Most Yorkies respond well to training because they love all the attention they receive when doing tricks and competing in agility tests. Food rewards and positive praise are solutions to training this breed. They are easy to train because of their good manners. As long as you train them appropriately, Yorkie will make great pets. When training your Yorkshire terrier, you need to be consistent. Because it is only when they hear things over and over again that they remember it.

Yorkshire terriers training process does not have to be difficult, but there are some things you need to know. You must exercise patience while training them. Don’t forget you are dealing with a puppy. Therefore, just like a child, they are likely to find it difficult to concentrate and act as if they are not interested.

If you make the training enjoyable for your pooch, then they will be more likely to stay focused and concentrate on what you are trying to teach them. Be sure to reward them when they listen and when they are making progress. So they understand if they are doing well and strive to continue doing so. Instead of only verbalizing your praise, offer them treat and pat them on the back or head when they do something well. Dogs respond very well to physical attention.


Daily grooming is important with Yorkshire terrier, due to its silky coat. They have a topknot that is usually tied up. York terriers that are not for show tend to have their coat cut shorter for easy grooming. Show dogs require hours of grooming. The Yorkie dog will benefit from daily dental care, cleaning them from an early age will help your pet know that this is part of the routine. Also, Yorkies do not shed much, which may be less problematic for some people with allergies. However, it differs from dog to dog.

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The best environment, activities

As a toy dog, Yorkies are indoor dogs. You can keep them in an apartment without a yard. But he would be happier in a fenced yard, even if small, where he could run around and stretch his legs. The problem is that a Yorkshire terrier can be too exaggerated if they are forced to exercise completely by running around the house. Yorkshire terriers are smart little dogs who also appreciate mental exercise. Like some exciting activities that engage the mind, such as interactive dog toys, learning a trick, and Hide ‘n Seek.

Is it good with children?

Due to their small size, Yorkies are not suitable for families with small kids. Some breeders won’t sell Yorkie puppies to a family whose kids are less than 5 years old. It is very easy for kids to step on them, drop them, or hold them too tight. They can get along with other pets, including cats, when socialized at an early age. They are better with older children, who can demonstrate leadership skills and treat the dog like a dog.


For what kind of people the Yorkie will be the best pet.

If you have a yard, live in an apartment, and ready to give your furry companion the needed attention. Then Yorkshire terrier could be an ideal fit for your lifestyle. They are spunky little dogs with a personality that outweighs its small stature.

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