Everything about the Rottweiler

Everything about the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler often called “Rottie” is a wonderful creature that has been given a bad name over the years due to it getting into wrong hands. This big dog is strong and energetic. They are confidence looking dog breeds. With its dark color and its medium built body, they can be intimidating in appearance. Knowing your dog begins with knowing its breed. This includes getting a better idea of its personality, appearance, and health requirements. The following are everything about the Rottweiler dog breed.

Rottweilers origin can be traced back to the Roman Empire when troops used them as herding dogs while traveling through the Germany regions. Their use as herding dogs reduced during the 19th century when train traveling was available. These days, Rottweiler dogs are not only used as domestic pets, but they are also trained as service dogs like therapy and sniffer dogs.

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The basic characteristics of the Rottweiler, coat, color

The Rottweilers are very eager to please and are highly trainable. They are very big, energetic and like to question orders naturally. They are not mean unless they are taught to be mean and are not given proper attention and exercise. Rotties can go crazy out of boredom trying to attract attention if left chained in the backyard. They thrive indoors with people.

Rottweiler dogs have a bad name for being fierce attack dogs. During the 1980s, the average American was more afraid of this dog than the Pit Bulls. Rottie can provoke attitudes of fear, panic, and anger within visitor who knows nothing about their true nature. They have a double coat and their undercoat is concentrated on the thighs and neck, its thickness depends on the climate in which the dog lives. Their top fur is of medium length and shorter on the head, legs, and ears than on other parts of the body. Rottweilers are always black with marks over the eyes, on the cheeks, legs, chest, under the tails, and on both side of the muzzle that may be tan or mahogany in color.


Rottweiler temperament is certainly powerful. It can cause damage if defending itself and that is why they need to be well socialized, cared for and bred responsibly. They are not reactive breed as many thinks, but due to their size, many that don’t know Rottweiler may believe they are.

If they are well socialized when young, loved, played with, properly feed, exercise, trained and introduced to different situations. They will make a wonderful addition to almost any home. However, because they have strong personality traits, a lot of people have taken this innocent dog, teaching them to guard drug houses and even assault people. Although they can be a bit stubborn at times, even those carefully bred. But in general, Rottweilers are calm. Their strength and size make them a great watchdog. They don’t bark often, but when they are afraid or feel threatened, their strong voice is heard.

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Health issues and lifespan

Luckily, Rottweiler does not suffer from many health problems. Among the things, you need to be watchful of or even have your puppy tested for would include hip or elbow dysplasia, various forms of cancer, bloat, inflammatory bowel disorders, eye problems, and thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism.  Also, keep an eye on their weight. For healthy and average sized Rottweiler, we can expect our furry pals to live 8 to 12 years. That is good for a big dog! In addition, it is common for a female Rottweiler to live an average of two years longer than the male.


Rottweiler puppies can be tough to train and novice owners can sometimes become overwhelmed by the task. This big dog often shows dominion and assumes he is in charge of the house. So rules and boundaries should be enforced with a 100% consistency: note that if you give Rottweiler an inch, it will take miles.

Training should be carried out with confidence and firmness, but not with harshness.  To accept your leadership, Rottweiler needs to respect you. Its response to anger and physical punishment is to ignore you as a leader and assumes the role himself. Training must start early before bad behavior can develop. They are naturally suspicious of strangers; therefore they should learn that visitors are welcome into the home.

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Rottweilers need to be brushed weekly with a firm bristle brush to eliminate dead hair and distribute skin oils. They shed twice a year, and you will need to brush more often during the shedding time to keep the loose hair under control. Bathe as necessary, and brush your dog teeth at least twice or three times a week to eliminate tartar buildup and bacteria that lurk in it. Daily brushing is the best if you want to prevent bad breath and periodontal disease. Make grooming a positive experience full of rewards and praise. This way you will lay the foundation for easy veterinary tests and other treatments when he is an adult.

The best environment, activities

Large dogs need space. They need an exercise that goes beyond walking in the dog park. Without the right exercise, your dog health will suffer and their outlook will be unpleasant and they won’t be happy pets. Finding appropriate exercise, both mental and physical is very important for their health. There are many ways to exercise your dog such as walking, at least 45 minutes in the morning, an hour in the evening. Playing with other dogs is important for developing social skills. And swimming is a great cardio work out, most dogs love to swim

Is it good with children?

Children admire Rottweilers, especially if they grow up with them. They should be supervised when they are around children, especially young kids. Rotties have the tendency to push and lean because of their cattle-driving heritage, and can accidentally topple a kid with a nudge. They are suitable for households with older kids who understand how to interact with dogs. It is also very important to supervise your Rottweiler any time your kids have friends. Rotties can have problems with loud noise or rough play between children and can take steps to stop them, without understanding that the kids are not in danger. Always teach kids how to touch or approach dogs.

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For what kind of people would Rottweiler be the best pet?

Rottweilers require affection, attention, and exercise. They also need a firm and dominant owner who is not afraid to face the challenges of owning a large dog. They are powerful dogs that have an inherent desire to protect home and family. So if you live in an apartment and plan on leaving your dog alone all day and most evenings, then forget about Rottweiler dog.

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