Everything about the Poodle Dog

Everything about the Poodle Dog

Poodle dog breed is one of the most popular, intelligent, fashionable, and beloved breed. If you are not familiar with this breed, this article provides everything you need to know about Poodle dogs. They come in three different sizes, the standard poodle weighs between forty-five and seventy pounds, depending on the individual dog and its sex. The Standard Poodle should be taller poodles than fifteen inches at the withers. And the miniature poodle must be between eleven and fifteen pounds and can weigh up to seventeen pounds. While the Toy Poodle can be up to ten inches at the shoulder level and normally weighed nine pounds or less. Their ears are usually long and loll close to the head.

The major feature that differentiates them from any other breed is their coat. They come in different colors including brown, black, white, gray, red, silver, etc. They usually have dark oval eyes place well apart, with ears that hang down their head a little below the eyes level. Poodle’s long necks are muscular. Their coat can be curly or corded and their tails are generally docked to about half their original length. And they require professional grooming frequently.

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These dogs are smart and good-natured, they crave attention and easily bonded with their families and owners. They can be alone for a long period of the day. Poodles enjoy learning new tricks and showing off their new discoveries. They are famous for their loves to play and are very fond of people and eager to please them.

Poodles are attached to their family and are anxious or even shy with visitors. They are excellent guard dogs since they used to bark at strange people. Standard Poodle has a good relationship with kids. They toy and miniature poodles are good with kids too, but they tend to be more nervous, and are more suitable for mature children.

Health issues and lifespan

Poodles tend to live long, up to fifteen years or more. But, they are prone to many health problems. They can suffer from many health problems like bloat and hip dysplasia. The first is a serious condition that needs urgent attention from a veterinarian. A form of hemophilia known as Von Willebrand’s disease is also an issue with this breed. Poodle dogs can also suffer from Addison’s disease, an infection of the endocrine system. It can be treated with proper medication. As a toy poodle owner, you can consider yourself lucky. Your small dog is not only healthy but has a lifespan of up to Eighteen years. Of course, like all purebred dogs, toy Poodle has its share of hereditary health problems.


Although poodles are usually considered as fancy and fluffy pups known mainly for their good looks, their major distinctive feature is intelligence. Because of their intelligence, they are wonderful dogs for tasks and tricks due to the fact that they are successful at most jobs they are properly trained to do. If you love dog tricks, Poodle dog is the right breed for you. Their Superior intelligence makes them excellent at learning tricks and they can be very interesting for you, your family and even your visitors. They are very smarts, which make dog training very easy. For best results, use positive dog training techniques, harsh language, and harsh training techniques do not work well with this breed since they are very sensitive. Be patient and consistent and firm during training sessions.


Poodle dogs make great pets, as long as they are cared for and groomed. Their grooming requires a lot of time and patience, but for someone who is ready to put forth the effort, Poodle dog will be an excellent choice for a pet. As long as they are frequently bathed and brushed, at least once a week. They can be very beautiful dogs. They have a very harsh and dense coat that is either corded or curly. To ensure their hair remain matt-free, it is a must to groom them regularly. Clipping should carry out at least every six weeks and their ear must be dry and clean to avoid infection.

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A better environment, activities

Poodles of all sizes prefer staying indoors with their families, apartment living is perfect as long as they exercised daily. Poodle dog will enjoy even a small patio for play and exercise, and a daily walk is important if space is not available. This dog cannot live outside during the winter. They love human companionship and should be with their families as much as possible.

Because they are very active, you must provide physical and mental exercises to keep them in shape. The best scenario is to walk them all day and give them challenging play sessions too, even swimming if possible. They love it, they truly like romping and running, but you should be careful to provide a safe area for these activities.

Is it good with children?

Sure, Poodle dog is a great companion dog for children; though young kids who do not know how to hold a dog may accidentally hurt a Toy Poodle, the least and the most fragile variety of poodle breeds. As with all breed, you should always teach your kids how to approach or touch dogs, always oversee any interaction between small kids and dogs to prevent any ear and tail pulling or biting from both party. Teach your kid not to approach any dog while sleeping, eating, or trying to take their food away. Never leave a dog unsupervised with kids no matter how friendly they are.

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What type of people Poodle would be the best pet

Standard Poodles are excellent for people who are allergic to dog hair because they do not shed. Your home will remain clean with Poodle dog living in it. They don’t need much exercise and don’t crave much attention. So if you are the type that spends much of your time away from home and you don’t like a dog that shed too much and craves much attention. Then Poodle dog is a perfect choice for you.

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