Everything About The Beagle

Everything About The Beagle

The Beagle, also known as English Beagle is a small dog breed with a long history. Written records traced its origin back to the late fifteenth century in England, where the dog was bred to hunt small animals. Beagle information so far stated that the name Beagle originated from several sources. Such as the Welsh word “beag” which means small, the German word “begele” which means scold, and the French word “beguile” which means “open throat” (in reference to the Beagles musical bark). If you want to adopt this pup, keep reading. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about the beagle dog breed.

The Beagle was mainly bred for hunting small creature like rabbits by foot instead of by horseback. Such hunting was known as beagling in England and is still a common term used these days. The dog strong sense of smell and good temper make them a common choice for hunting throughout the world.

Despite their popularity in England for hundreds of years, Beagle did not receive it due attention in America until around 1885 when the American Kennel Club registered its first Beagle. And in 1888, the Beagle National Club and the breed standard were established in the United States.


Basic characteristics of Beagles, coat, color

A normal Beagles height is on average between 13 to 16 inches. The most popular color for Beagles is tricolor that includes a black saddle, white legs, belly, chest, with a white tip on the tail and tan around the saddle and on the head. The next most common color mix is red and white in an Irish dotting pattern on the neck, face, legs, and the tail end. Whatever their color, they usually have a white tip on their tail so that hunters can differentiate them when hunting in tall grass.

They have a hard, sleek and smooth coat that is weather resistant. Beagles have a medium length neck, long enough for them to pick a scent from the ground; they have a broad chest that narrows to a smaller stomach and waist. One of the greatest characteristics of Beagle is its sense of smell. These dogs have the best senses of smell of any breed, next to the Bloodhound.


Beagle dog needs good training and leadership. The owner needs to be firm but gentle and always consistent. They require a lot of physical and mental exercise to keep a healthy balance, if not you will get a dog that is obsessively barking with a destructive behavior if left alone. This dog may suffer from separation anxiety. All this can be controlled with good exercise. This is a dog that loves to follow, and you will have hours of fun to meet this need in your dog. While walking your Beagles always keep the dog on a lead, because if he smells something he wishes to track, he is unmindful to everything else includes you who is trying to call him back. If you can meet this pooches instinctive needs, you will have an adorable pet. Beagles are lovely, and they like to greet everyone.


Health issues and lifespan

Fortunately, Beagles are rarely infected with hip dysplasia, but they may be subjected to spinal disk ailment. Epilepsy is quite common in Beagles, as well as eye and heart diseases. Because beagles usually roam in bush and fields, they need to be carefully checked for ticks and fleas. A tick can spread Lyme disease. Their lifespan is on average 13 years but some can live for up to 15 years.


Beagles can make a great family pet. However, like any other dog, you will have to ensure that your beagle dog is properly trained to guarantee that it shows good behavior at all times. Beagles are naturally very energetic and friendly. They were originally bred for hunting purposes and the dog proved to be a great success in this area. If you want to keep a Beagle as a house pet, its intelligence and extroverted nature can cause some problem unless he undergoes effective training. Therefore, providing this training is your main responsibility when you decide to get a beagle.



Beagles are easy to groom; it only requires weekly brushing. Bathing Beagles is only when it is really necessary. Check your dog ears and eyes weekly for signs of infection. The dog needs to be brushed with an average bristle brush at least once every week to get rid of dead hair and encourage the growth of new hair. They shed but because their hair is short, it is not very noticeable. Their furs tend to get thicker in winter that is the reason the shed more in the spring. They are clean dogs and usually do not need frequent baths.

The best environment, activities

Beagles are extremely active indoors, if you have enough space, they can adapt well to live almost anywhere. They would prefer a yard where they can play. Beagles can live in an apartment, as long as you exercise them well and also take them out regularly, because they need to spend time outdoors, daily.

Is it good with children?

Beagles bond with every member of the family, particularly with kids. They can be irrepressible when playing, therefore they need to be properly socialized and keep an eye on with young kids. Also, they tend to be “mouthy”, clutching things, which may include your child’s hand; they do this for fun just to play. They can be trained not to do it. Just like other dog breeds, you should always teach kids how to approach or touch dogs and monitor their interaction. Teach your kid not to approach a dog while sleeping or eating or try taking the dog food away. And never leave any dog unsupervised with kids no matter how friendly the dog is.


What type of people Beagle would be the best pet

Beagles are breed with friendly nature. It is ideal for any family. They have a high level of energy, so they need a lot of regular exercises. If you are a very busy person and work from 8 am to 5 pm every day or if you like to travel and spend holidays outside your home, this dog may not be a good choice for you.

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