Everything about the Bulldog

Everything about the Bulldog

Bulldog is one of the most famous and most popular dog breeds in the world. Also, it is difficult not to fall in love with these adorable pooches when you come across one in a pet shop window. But before you purchase yourself one, it is important that you learn the basic information about Bulldogs.

Basic characteristics of the bulldog

Bulldog puppies are cute, alert and curious animals, these characteristics are real for most pooches. When these pups are small, they usually have a pink muzzle that will darken as they mature to an adult. Bulldog can come in many colors and color combinations like brindle, brindle and white, fawn, fawn and white, red, red and White. They have a smooth, short and dense coat, which should be glossy and okay, lying flat and close on the pup body. There is no ideal height for the breed, although their ideal weight varies between 23 and 25 kg. The females are a little smaller than males and often have less developed characteristics.


Over the years, Bulldog has lost its reputation as aggressive animals used for bait bulls many centuries ago. Modern Bulldogs are friendly dogs that make a great companion and get along well with kids. Bulldog puppies are very gentle and affectionate. They are not aggressive towards people or other animals and are unlikely to engage in fights.


Bulldogs are good companion dogs, social and sweet, but with a courage reputation that makes them an excellent watchdog. They are friendly and easy going, although occasionally stubborn in nature. They get along with everyone. Bulldogs are a slow learner, but once they know something, they got it right. They don’t tend to bark much. Their appearance alone is usually enough to frighten off intruders. This temperament is influenced by a number of factors, such as genetics, training, and socialization. Puppies with good temperament are playful and eager to approach people and be held by them.

Health issues and lifespan

Bulldogs have an average life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, but it is not uncommon to stumble upon a 12-year bulldog. Just like all breed of dogs, bulldogs are susceptible to certain diseases and conditions. Although not every bulldog will get all or any of these diseases, however, it’s important to be conscious of them. So you can be up to date when you interview breeders, and also for you to know what to look for all through your dog’s life. Buying from a responsible breeder will perhaps help you have the healthiest bulldog. A pup from a reputable breeder will be dewormed and vaccinated before bringing him home. The following conditions may affect Bulldogs:

Cherry Eye: This is a situation where the gland under the third eyelid sticks out and looks like a cherry at the corner of the dog eye. Your veterinarian may need to get rid of the gland.

Dysplasia: This is a genetic disease in which the hipbone is not compatible with the hip joint. Many Bulldogs seem to have dysplasia based on their X-rays, simply because they tend to have shallow hips joints naturally.


Although bulldogs may not win the trick contest, this is not because they are not smart. But their characteristic makes achieving that feat a bit difficult. So teaching the basic obedience is possible, but the owner must be consistent as with other dogs. Bulldogs can be stubborn, but they also like to please their owners. With little time, effort and with the right technique, anyone can train a Bulldog.

Remember not to give in to their stubbornness. That is, if your dog constantly disobeys your commands don’t give up – it may take a little time and persistence with these adorable pups. But don’t get disappointed, it’s worth the job. The satisfaction you get when your pup eventually obeys really worth the effort.




Bulldogs are an average shedder. If you can spend the time to brush him at least twice a week, it will reduce the amount of hair on your furniture and clothes. During the grooming, look for rashes, sores or signs of infection like tenderness, redness, or inflammation of the skin, in the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and on the feet. The ear should smell good, without much gunk or wax inside, and the eyes should be clear, without any discharge or redness. Your careful weekly examination will help you detect potential health problems quickly.

Remember that regular cleaning of the ears will keep the Bulldog healthy and good looking. Having a pet wipes in your hand will make this daily exercise a breeze. The skin fold should be cleaned repeatedly to avoid infection. And your dog teeth should be brushed regularly.

Environment and activities

Bulldog does not require a big house or backyard. It can be kept in an apartment, as long as you can take them to the bathroom and exercise them several times a day. Bulldogs are not high energy dog breed, but 20 minutes daily walk is recommended to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Is it good with children?

Their friendly nature makes them a great companion for kid’s even young children. Bulldog will endure a lot from kids, although the dog should not have to, and will walk away if he is tired of being tormented.

Always teach kids how to touch or approach dogs, and always oversee any interactions between the pups and young kids to prevent any biting or tail pulling by either party. Teach your kid not to approach a dog while he is eating or sleeping, or try to take the pooch food away. No dog should be left unsupervised with a kid. With their peaceful nature, bulldogs also get along with other pets.


For what type of people Bulldog would be the best pet

If none of the traits stated in this article match your lifestyle or what you expect from a dog, consider adopting a different breed. Bulldog may be ideal for you if the following list signifies your behaviors and the type of dog you want:

  • If you want a friend to hang out with after a hard day’s work.
  • Dog grooming isn’t on your list of fun things to do.
  • You spend much of your time away from home.

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